Don't Worry About Ashley

by The Peabodys



Don't Worry About Ashley appears on The Future Will Kill You EP on Mutant Pop Records (double 7" vinyl) and on the digital album This Bears Repeating, a compilation of Peabodys songs from 2004-2010.


Ashley will buy whatever you have to sell
Naivety or pity, no one really can tell
She just likes to see you smile
She don't worry about it
Life's just a joke she never understood
She laughs anyway because she knows that it's good
Her name is the punchline
Makes them all go "ha ha ha"

Don't worry about Ashley
She's fine

Ashley can't be broken, just molded to fit
She really don't mind being treated like shit
She just likes to see you smile
She don't worry about it
See, the opposite of love isn't hate, it is sex
And love ain't the reason she don't get any rest
At least nobody hates her
Everything is a-okay

Don't worry about Ashley
She's fine


released March 15, 2015
Eric Peabody - guitars and vocals, Sam Fisher - guitars and vocals, Mike Haley - drums, Conor Ferguson - bass

Copyright 2008 Eric Peabody, Sensual Breakdance Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


The Peabodys Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Punk rock should be fast, gritty, and straightforward, with hooks that stick like flypaper. Simple like all great ideas. The chords, the words, the melodies should feel like they've always been there, waiting for some average schlubs to snatch them out of the air.

The Peabodys model these virtues. Their blasts of buzz about busted love and teenage wasteland are masterworks of punk simplicity.
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